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Thread: Alice in wonderland fountain pen at target?

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    Default Alice in wonderland fountain pen at target?

    Anyone else buy the alice in wonderland fountain pen at target?
    it comes with 4 cartridges filled with cheap blue ink that will also fit MUJI pens.

    $5.99 @ TARGET

    they have a purple one with alice in wonderland art, and a solid black one. I purchased one of each, the black one for myself.
    the ink in it is cheap, looks like an old Blue BIC pen that is drying out after the ink settles on standard notebook paper.

    The NIB is unadorned, the barrel is plastic, it is made in Germany, supplied by paperchase in the UK. Sold here in the US.

    It writes consistently, a little scratchy if you write too fast, but I plan on using this pen for a masters program alongside a number of muji fountain pen's.

    I plan on using a re-purposed printer ink re-fill cartridge syringe to fill it with parker-blue black once I burn all of the blue ink in it

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    Is it really made in Germany, or only assembled there?

    Unfortunately there are even Chinese products that have nothing to do with Germany at all, apart from the (misguiding) "Made in Germany" label.
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    no idea, prob china

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