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Thread: Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP.1822 aka L6

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    Wink Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP.1822 aka L6

    I found this one at my local discount pharmacy when I went to buy some blades.
    It's made in Egypt! The have a website:

    The razor is a bit top-heavy because the blade holder is heavier than the long aluminum crosshatched handle (4 inches long). This is a nice product for the price. Not bad for a cheapo blister pack sold item.

    Purchased at Navarro Discount Pharmacy in Miami, Florida USA---$3.99!!! Buy it!

    Also be sure to check out the interesting photos of their manufacturing plant, other products, and wallpaper images!! LOL!!!

    For point of clarity, there are two versions of the Lord model LP1822. The original (and now discontinued) model that has a head on it that greatly resembles that of a late model Gillette Tech.

    There is also a newer version that has a head resembling that of a 3 piece Merkur razor.

    It would appear that this review is for the older style razor that has the Tech like head.

    For the newer style LP1822 with the Merkur like head, please see this review:

    Lord Premium Safety Razor Model LP.1822 (with new Merkur Like Head)

    Note also, that the link provided in the review above now takes you to specs for the updated version of the razor that features the Merkur like head.
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    I read the above review and since I know there blades some time now (and like them too) I wanted to try this razor too. One little problem; they were nowhere available in the Netherlands.So I wanted to try them even harder!
    In the end,with help from Egypt ,I could finally lay hands on the razor as it arrived by mail yesterday.
    I have had my first shave with it and what can I tell you ;it was a decent shave in which I lost my hair and kept my skin.I could really live with this razor
    but on the other hand I am not giving my merkur and mühle away.
    The only trick with this razor is that ,because it is so light,you need a little pressure on the blade but take care ; only a little.
    This is the kind of item that should be sold in all the places where they do sell blades but nothing to put them in. Which is in about every drugstore and pharmacy in the Netherlands.So I agree with the above advice; if you can lay your hands on it for $4,= ,buy it !! Even if you don't like it you expanded your collection with an exotic. Mine will take permanent residence in my travelling-bag ,that is for sure!

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    Default Inexpensive but not junk

    I’m new to DE shaving but being on the compulsive side I have already sampled several different razors and blades. My standard of comparison is my Merkur Barber Pole Razor.

    Since I’m the test subject, you need to know a little about me. I have been shaving for almost 40 years (using disposables for the last 20 years) and have to do it on a daily basis to look clean and presentable. With that said, one pass will usually do it. My beard texture would be described as fine.

    The Lord Premium Double Edge Metal Razor can be had for $5.99 (sans shipping) from At this price you may find it an irresistible purchase or automatically reject the razor as inferior junk. I fell into the former category and plunked down my credit card.

    The razor is made in Egypt and it is manufactured by the same company that makes the razor blades of the same name. Mine came in a bubble pack with a single DE blade.

    The razor itself is of the three piece variety and feels reasonably solid. Mine came in a “gold tone” which is reminiscent of the “gold tone” of cheap watches made in the 1980s. It is my guess that this coloration will eventually wear off to reveal the base metal below. By itself the Lord razor looks pretty good but this fades when you place it next to the Merkur. The Merkur is a wonderfully hefty device that feels like a precision instrument. The Lord is much lighter, less balanced and looks like a stamped out, mass produced item. With that said, with careful use, it would probably last the average shaver many years. Although there are no sharp edges, it certainly doesn’t have the “fit and finish” of the Merkur and the thin metal of the head would be more likely bend if dropped. Remember that this razor costs $5.99 compared to $49.00 for the Merkur, a huge difference.

    My test shave used the enclosed Lord blade. I had an initial bias, fearing that I would either turn my face into hamburger or (conversely) have to re-shave with a different razor. After face prep and lathering I went at it. The razor felt comfortable in my hand and not awkward in any way. The strokes that I made were free from snags and I thought for sure that the razor wasn’t doing much. I rinsed off my face and was quite surprised as I was not only nick free but the razor actually did an excellent job of giving me a fairly close shave quite similar to what would get using my Barber Pole.

    So am I going to throw out my Merkur? No. There is a certain pleasure in using a precision instrument. A Bic pen does a great job at writing but a Mont Blanc pen adds the element of pleasure. The same comparison can be made between the Lord and my Barber Pole.

    With that said I do think I’ll rotate the Lord razor into my shaving routine now and then for some variety. Steak is great but every once in a while a good hamburger tastes good too!

    Who would like this razor?

    1. an obsessive tester like me
    2. Someone who is into the value of DE shaving and wants a cheap but acceptable razor.
    3. A traveler who wants to use a DE razor but doesn’t want the risk of losing an expensive device. It is also less likely that this razor would be stolen, as it has little value.
    4. A person who likes to rotate razors for the fun of it
    5. Etc.

    My sample size consisted on a single razor so I can’t speak of quality control or other such things, but you may find that the Lord Razor a fun and inexpensive purchase. Every beard and face is different so YMMV.

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    After using this razor for more than 6 months I just have to upgrade it a little. It has been used in my travelling bag for most of the time but since the summer holidays it stayed in my rotation afterwards for 6 whole weeks before I changed to another razor and that rarely happens!
    I had a few accidents with it, the worst being that I dropped it on a tile floor from over 2.5 metres and there was nothing to be seen; I think that if a thing like that happened to one of my merkurs i would need a new one.
    It needed some time to get adjusted to the lightness and the balance of this razor but the longer I use it the more I believe I don't really need anything else. Isn't that weird from somebody with RAD and some money to spend?
    I am afraid I am falling in love a bit (more and more) with this ,more or less, tech clone and it might make me a kind of Don Quichotte of cheapo's but damn, this is a really good razor and finally an affordable one with enough blade exposure to give your hands the final control over your shave!

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    Default Inexpensive, but not a cheapie.

    I would have to agree with that.

    On the strength of the reviews on here, and having a sis-in-law living in Egypt and the kind help of the export manager of Lords Razors I managed to acquire some razors and a stack of the blades.

    And wow, what a shave. BBS after the first shave with the supplier Lord blade with no nicks, slices or more importantly, no irritation.

    Price - it's as cheap as, but Lord have not skimped on quality for cheapness. Being made in Egypt means the overheads are lower compared with other with western nations.

    Quality - Light aluminium (yes, I'm a English and spell it CORRECTLY!) with a nice long handle for us spade handed chaps. It feels a little light in the hand and heavy at the head - but all is well made.

    User Friendly - even comes with rather rudimentary instruction in English.

    Grip - Excellent. A nice long handle with good grip.

    Blade replacement is easy - unscrew, separate and stick the blade in and reassemble. Simple.

    Aggressiveness - A nice clean and BBS shave first time out. What more can a well shaven chap want?

    Adjustability - it's not, hence a neutral score.

    Balance - a little heavy at the tip, but for an inexpensive razor, one can't complain.

    Overall, it may not ever be your number one razor, but it is a good back-up or travel razor. And certainly an inexpensive introduction into DE shaving.

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    I have used this razor twice and had to pay $9.99 including shipping. Its very light at 1.2 oz and aggressive(IMHO). I used a Feather blade and was very careful but it did give a very close shave. This would make an excellent travel razor as if its lost no big deal. The Treet 2 piece mostly delrin razor is a better choice although not as aggressive you need a very sharp blade but then its a much smoother shave.

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    Bought in Dubai along with a Lord "Cool" Click for some 2 USD.

    This 3 piece is among my favorite razors.

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    Default Nice Travel Razor

    This is a great travel razor since the price is so cheap that if it got lost on a trip I wouldn't necessarily be heart broken. This razor is the next best step from a disposable as far as economy.

    It took me one or two attempts to determine the proper angle to shave with but once I did 'whola" I had a great shave. I prefer the heft of my Merkur but would be heartbroken if it were lost.
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    This was my first razor. The Gillette Tech was recommended to me by the folk on B&B, so I went to Amazon to buy one. When it arrived, I was greeted by this monstrosity.

    It wasn't the Tech, no it was something different. The razor itself isn't too bad. It's more aggressive than the Gillette Tech, and it weighs a lot less. In my opinion, it does not hold the blade securely enough.

    For two dollars more, you can get a real Gillette Tech: a razor that is vastly superior to this one in every regard.

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    The LORD "Premium" is one of the best deals out there on a new razor. It's aggressive enough to give a great shave, while remaining very safe and forgiving. A great razor for proselytizing - the newb will get great results with little effort!

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