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Thread: RAD strikes so suddenly and stealthily

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    Default RAD strikes so suddenly and stealthily

    I just had to have a black one. I don't know why.

    I'm not even a huge fan of the super speeds I've tried.

    $13 shipped on ebay.

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    Black is beautiful.
    Congratulations to your newest aquisition!
    Current equipment:
    [SIZE="1"]Other razors that I have tried: Gillette Parat, 1940, 1950,1970 SS, Gillette NEW, Gillette aristocrat jr., Gillette Aristocrat (US), ball-end-Tech (US and British), fat handled Tech, Fatboy, Merkur HD [/SIZE]

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    Pretty sweet deal actually... it looks to be in excellent shape from the pics.

    Sometimes it's the razors you least expect that become your favorites. Here's hoping that includes this baby!

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    +1 on RAD.

    I had no razors on my RADar (well except trying to get a Big Fellow on the cheap from Ebay, oh and an Open comb 38C) until a Vision was offered at a great price in Buy/Sell/Trade. The rest is history and I only started asking myself "Why did I do this?" after the PayPal dust had settled.

    I'm left trying to explain this to my wife with a big Crusty the Clown grin and that famous "Iiiiiiii didn't do it!"

    Of course I didn't do it. It was the little RAD gnome who lives in our closet. Yeah that's it, that's the ticket.

    At least we each have seperate slush funds for our hobbies!
    Cheers, Dave

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