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Thread: WTB brush stand

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    Default WTB brush stand

    I'm a newbie in search of a brush stand. I don't necessarily need anything fancy, just something to hold my brush up off the sink and let it dry properly. If anyone has one that they're willing to part with pm me with price and description. Thanks.

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    Stands are cheap enough that it would be easiest to just get one with your order order from QED, Lees etc. There are also some interesting ways to make a homemade one for next to nothing.

    Though, you really don't need an stand. Your brush will be perfectly fine without it.

    Regardless, Good luck finding one.
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    In line with what Tim said, you don't really need a stand- I stand my brush upright in my lathering bowl (which cost me a buck at dollar general ) to dry and it seems to work just fine.

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