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Thread: van der Hagen - Glycerin

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    Thumbs up van der Hagen - Glycerin

    I don't know if others use this soap, but it is absolutely fabulous. I have been experimenting with other companies shave soap, but always have to go back to my van der Hagen Glycerin soap. It is no joke regarding being hypo-allergenic and non-irritating. I don't think I have especially sensitive skin (I still have not found a shave cream that irritated my skin), but it seems other companies shave soaps give me irritation. Williams was another exception, but it does not lubricate enough for a smooth shave. I have tried Col Conk soaps, including their own glycerin soaps and they seem to turn my face red. I can still get a decent shave (not as good as with VDH), but at the cost of irritation.

    For me this ruins the entire shaving experience. With the van der Hagen Glycerin soap I just get great shaves day in day out. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a experience shave soap user or the newbie not sure what to try. Their Deluxe soap is pretty nice, but I find the Glycerin far superior. I have yet to actually use their Select soap, but I do own a puck. I really hope this company says in business, because I would be very happy using the Glycerin soap the rest of my life. It is that good.

    You gotta try it. I'd still buy it if it cost 10x what they actually sell it for. I guess I am lucky I found a soap that works so well and costs so little. Try it, you might be in the same boat.

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    I just bought a puck of this yesterday for $1.79 US. I had been using Wiliams the past week, and thought I give this hi-glycerin concoction a try.

    Wow! Lots of lather, nice smell, slick and moist. I had been having the standard Williams problem with drying out, but it didn't happen with this one.

    Very nice. But remember, this is a n00b review.

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    i have been using this soap off and on for the past year at least, overall i would say it is a good basic soap that does not irritate the skin ... BUT one problem i do have with it .. that i don't with some other soaps i have used ... is it drys my skin out pretty bad afterwards ... enough so that i am using a lotion and aftershave ...

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    I also like the Van Der Hagen shaving soaps, although my favorite is the Deluxe. Might mention that these soaps used to be marketed under the "Surrey" brand.

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    I got this soap with my VDH brush at HEB, my local grocery store. I picked the glycerin soap since I have fairly sensitive skin and hoped the extra moisturizing would help.

    For the price, its fantastic, and available everywhere. I get a decent lather with it, and it shaves well.

    I'm not to big on the scent however. Seems a little too medicinal to me.

    The puck fits perfectly into one of those small disposable tupperware containers from the grocery store.

    All in all, its great for the price and availability, but there are plenty of other top notch glycerin soaps to be had for not much more money.


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    Thumbs up

    Wow, talk about bang for the buck! I am going to have to totally agree with Gabe on this soap, I would willing pay more money for it. The fact that it is dirt cheap is just icing on the cake. This orange monster creates super slick cushioning lather that leaves the face feeling pampered.

    Price - Under $2 (USD) and is typically available locally, in the US anyways, at drug stores and grocery stores. Williams might be the only shaving soap that I have seen at more places; regardless, this stuff is not hard to find.
    Quality - Its round, orange, and works great. I guess I am not sure how to answer the quality question.
    Scent - I personally like the scent of this soap, it has a very comforting soap smell (this may sound strange, but hey). I rated the scent a 9 because it is only available in the one scent.
    Lather - The lather isn't the most meringue-y, but holy crap it is slicker than baby snot. In my opinion, soaps should produce slick lather, this is slickest I have used. This may have something to do with the water in my area, but I was totally surprised at shear slickness of this soap.
    Efficacy - Yep, its shave soap and it creates extremely protective slick lather. I do have sensitive skin and this soap did an exceptional job of protecting my face.
    Moisturizing - Another YMMV category, but this soap leaves my face feeling really soft and "healthy".
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    Default EXCELLENT shaving soap!!!

    Having tried several shaving soaps, I was extremely satisfied with Van Der Hagen Glycerine Shave Soap. It comes in a beautifully packaged box. The price is hard to believe - less than $2.00 a bar. It has a very enjoyable mild scent that makes shaving a joy. The best part about this soap is that it lathers beautifully and provides a painless shave since it contains emollients that oil up your skin as you shave. I have very sensitive skin and this shaving soap has greatly reduced razor burn and irritation. I can't believe how good it works. It lathers beautifully if one takes the time to work at producing a great lather. Their other product - Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap - works just as great. I alternate between the two. Completely satisfied with my purchase. Will be using this for quite a while.
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    I really depend on VDH glycerin soap. I use it virtually everyday. I almost always superlather with it.
    For example,
    VDH + Proraso (my favorite)
    VDH + Palmolive, red tube (out of production now)
    VDH + Kiss My Face (lime)
    VDH + Tabac cream
    It's very cheap, around $1.50 US here and widely available at Walgreens and Walmart stores.
    Also, I can melt it to fit into my glass resealable bowl (Walmart, too) and it stores well.
    I think this soap is entirely unrated! It is very good. Try it...or just plain depend on it, like I do.

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    Seemed a bit "greasy" to me and didnt allow the blade to glide as smoothly as VDH Deluxe.

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    WARNING: I am a traditional wetshave newbie. So far I only can compare this to the bottom of the barrel, readily avaliable soaps like Col Conk and Williams (both which I have tried).

    When I bought this from Wal-Mart I didnt expect much out of this soap after the drugstore Williams, but I was pleasantly suprised. Right out of the box I LOVED the smell. Now granted it doesnt smell like lilacs, coffee, roses, or anything else that the more expensive brands might, but it has a pleasant fresh, clean smell. I find I prefer that over the musky smell of my Col. Conk Bay Rum. This soap lathers pretty well, but it does take a bit more of it than my Col Conk. The lather produced is very thick and somewhat dry, so I had to apply twice on my first pass. It lubricates the face well, and I didnt feel like it dried out my face more than the Col, and it was definetly worlds above Williams.

    This is a good soap for beginners. It is easy to manage, readily avalible, and best of all CHEAP

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    After not having a whole lot of luck with this.. either by lathering on the puck or in a bowl, I recently decided to give it a go with face-lathering. Dudes, this made all the difference. It must be that extra time I spent working the soap/lather into my face, but I've gotten some incredible shaves with this stuff in the past week. I was always able to build a decent lather with this stuff, but the extra step of spending a couple minutes working it into my face really kicked it up a notch. My go-to VDH has been the pink, but since I've added this technique, the glycerine (I call it amber) has been pulling into the lead. Great stuff!! I'm glad a grabbed a bunch while they still had it at Wal-mart.

    Oh, and I melted a two pucks into a glass bowl, so I have a nice surface area on which to load my brush...

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    Thumbs up

    I love this soap. It's cheap, works great, and can be found in a lot of places.

    The quality of the shave is fantastic. I build lather on my face and all it takes is a few seconds of swirling the brush in the bowl, and I can easily get 3 passes with it.

    The scent is somewhat citrusy and medicinal, but I can only smell it when my face is right near the puck. There is no scent when its lathered... Thus the "neutral" rating on the scent.

    I don't notice and moisturizing properties of the soap. And on the other hand I don't notice any dryness either. So again, neutral on the rating. Everything else is amazing.

    I get consistently smooth and slick shaves out of this product and it will be extremely hard to beat for the cost:benefit.

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    Default Just a trifle gummy.

    I tend to agree with most of the above posts, however, I am not thrilled with this soap as some others seem to be. Going through the ratings catagories, the price is very fair, however, you will go through a puck rather quickly. The quality issue ties in here. I can get five times the number of shaves out of a SCS soap than I can this VDH soap. The scent is unremarkable and neutral. Lathering is my beef with this soap. I judge a soap lather on a number of factors. First, is it thick enough and does it provide a cushion for the face; second, does it accomplish the first goal while retaining water well; and, third, does it allow the blade to glide without drag/skipping and still leave a moist follow-up. With the VDH (not the deluxe) the lather is thick and cushiony BUT it does not hold water well and tends to get tacky or gummy initially and gets worse as it sits on the face. Rinsing out the lather bowl takes longer because the stuff sets up and doesn't want to come out! Adding more water helps but it still sets up on the face leaving you wanting to scrub your face off rather than a light comfortable rinse with a wet hand towl. Having said that, it is slick, but you can make you feel like you are removing cold cream with your blade rather than lather. As far as moisturizing is concerned, I have not noticed a positive or negative effect. Keep in mind that I use a milk or balk almost everyday anyway.

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    Default Readily available, good price, but...

    I don't have much to say that hasn't been said already but, I really like VDH soaps. I think the deluxe is slicker by a noticable margin. The deluxe also leaves my face feeling softer for some reason. If Walgreens only had the glycerine soap, though, I would still buy it rather than go screaming into the night. Both by the way are far superior to Williams. One puck will last me about six weeks. They are cheap, easily found at Walgreens, have a light pleasing scent and really protect your face from the razor.

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    I use this in rotation with the deluxe version. I find that if I've had a bad shave the day before, I use this soap instead of the deluxe. It takes a bit more to work it into a lather but not much more. Keeps is moisture throughout the shave and rinses clean. There isn't a scent to it.

    The only problem I have with the VDH glycerin is that it seems harder to find locally. The deluxe is everywhere for under $2 but the glycerin is only in one store where I live and I pay just over $2 for it (when they have it in stock!)

    Melts easy and just plain works.

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    Default A nice bargain shave staple to have in the medicine cabinet.

    This was my first shave soap purchase and I always keep some around. Only a $1.39 at my local HEB grocery. I love the scent, though I often end up mixing in creams to make super lather, especially with a few creams which I can't seem to get to lather well at all.
    I melt this into a ziploc container and take it with me when I travel.

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    This is a good soap for the price, not as nice as the Deluxe, but better than the Select. For me, this stuff is slick! I don't get as thick of a lather that gives me much cushion like I do with the Deluxe or with the KMF creams, but this stuff does give me a very slick lather that makes up for the lack of cushion in my book.
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    Default Good stuff!

    This is my "go to" soap. I don't see the need to use anything else when this works as well as it does. Recently purchased a 12 pack from @mazon, and at $1.27 per puck, can't be beat!

    I melted some into a ziploc bowl with a few splashes of Aqua Velva and man does that work well!

    Buy this soap, you will no be disappointed!

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    The best part of this soap is the bowl it comes with at Bed Bath and Beyond.

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    For less than 2 bucks a puck, this stuff is unbeatable. If you haven't tried it already, you owe it to yourself to get a puck.
    VDH Glycerine provides plenty of creamy lather which lubricates your face so well the blade just glides effortlessly whether you use a DE or a straight. This soap is not drying and is extremely comfortable (although a shea butter based soap I have tried can dethrone it's moisturizing properties). For the record, the lather also lasts, and lasts.
    The only knock I have on VDH Glycerine is the scent. When I open my normally closed soap dish, the scent is a bit artificial, but as soon as I've started building lather in my bowl and when I put it on my face, the scent quickly fades and it just smells like soap (but not nasty soap, clean wholesome soap). If you're okay with a mostly unscented soap, you will love this stuff.
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