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Thread: Has Anyone Finished a Soap Before?

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    Before I started regularly reading B&B I finished some soaps from Razorock. At least 3 Frescos, and a XXX. Now I have open tubs of RR Don Marco, Son of Zeus, XX, Nervous Wreck, and Fresco. Also have some KOTC Lime and Brain Freeze that I haven't tried yet so not sure if that counts as "active". Not to mention a tube of COB, a tub of CF Lime, a new ceramic dish of MWF, and about 20 samples from Garry (DRH, TOBS). I have some work cut out for me...
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    Recently I finished a puck of Erasmic Black bowl soap, Col Conk Amber and I'm well on the way to finishing a puck of Wilkinson Sword Blue bowl.

    Also finished a few creams, Eramic, Real Shaving Co, T&H West Indian lime.
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    Mama Bear's Cilantro Lime Iced & Mikes Bay Rum with only couple shaves left with Stirling's Frozen Tundra

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    I've been shaving with only 1 soap (or cream) until it's finished for some time. I get much better shaves after I've been using a product exclusively for a week or 2. These different products really do have idiosyncrasies. Getting a good creamy lather from TOBS soap is quite different from Cella. But a week or 2 with no other variables makes a noticeable improvement in results. I often see post that a soap or a cream yields poor lather and wonder how many consecutive shaves with that product were completed before the negative pronouncement was made...

    Plus, it does result in actually finishing soaps--I have finished many soaps and creams. For you businessmen and logisticians, my inventory costs are way down.

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    I haven't even finished a sample soap puck. I move around too much with all the choices I have. On a good note, I believe I finished a few Tobs cream samples from Maggard's.

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    I just finished off a puck of Williams Mug Soap. I used it all for shaving.
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    I wasn't satisfied with the pucks of Colonel Conk I had, Bay Rum and Amber, so I melted them together using the microwave. This created a large size puck in the mug that held it. Surprisingly, it yielded a better soap and became a part of my rotation. It also was the soap I used to make test lathers and to break in New brushes. I made a test lather tonight because I had just cleaned a few of my brushes and they still had slight vinegar smell. But it finished off my Colonel Conk puck(s). So, that was the first soap I used, and now it's the first pucks I've used up, beginning to end.

    Two down, at least fifteen more to go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by k4dm0nky View Post
    I am just curious if anyone has finished a soap or cream before? I still have a tub of Mamabears soap, Proraso, and a few others. I use them quit often, and honestly I think I can get a few more years out of them still!
    Oh yes, most of them are good indefinitely. The only exception for me is one where the container rusted. The soap looked like it was still good but I was concerned about trying to separate it and threw it out. Don't store in anything that might rust.
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