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Thread: Good Christian Men Rejoice

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    I am not a fan of Christmas songs, but I do like "Silent Night", though I find it sounds better in my native tongue, German.
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    It's not particularly well known, but Morten Lauridsen's "O Magnum Mysterium" is a gem as far as Christmas music goes. The translation from the Latin: "O great mystery and wonderful sacrament, that animals should see the new-born Lord lying in a manger! O blessed is the Virgin, whose womb was worthy to bear Christ the Lord. Alleluia!" Here is a beautiful rendition by the King's College Choir.

    Merry Christmas gents!
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    a group of musicians with whom I play/sing weekly at church provides music annually for a soup kitchen's Christmas dinner here in St. Louis. Over the years, I've watched the guests expand beyond the homeless to include many others who are down on their luck financially, families included. It is a very moving event to participate in and I always look forward to doing it. We play Christmas carols and our own Christmas rewrites of rock 'n roll standards (e.g. Takin' Care of Christmas, Mustang Santa, Santa I Can Guide Your Sleigh?). Last night, it was once again crowded. I always find it to be profound, as I think music is an essential human experience and I suspect the homeless are largely deprived of it. It brings great joy and tears to eyes to see three things that seem to occur every year:
    1. guests who come in looking downtrodden and sad break a large smile upon hearing what we are singing
    2. guests begin dancing with one another--how many times do you see folks who are living on the edge engage in this intimately human ritual?
    3. guests spontaneously singing along with "Silent Night"

    Merry Christmas, folks.

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    My personal favorite is "Angels We Have Heard On High" sadly the congregation I am with doesn't sing it often.
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    Gurnall above mentions the Gloucestershire Wassail. It will be soon time to sing that as Wassail season will be upon us at the start of January here in Gloucestershire.

    Never thought of it as a carol though. It's actually a begging song! I'll be doing four wassails in various local village orchards over January as usual. The song is sung as all the wassailers parade around the tree being wassailed three times widdershins. It will be a bit rowdier than the version on Youtube he presented!

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    Some favorites and some to check out. Thanks and God Jul!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mretzloff View Post
    I am not a fan of Christmas songs, but I do like "Silent Night", though I find it sounds better in my native tongue, German.
    Silent Night is also my favorite, and I like to hear it in German.
    That ship has sailed.

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