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Thread: A good face wash brand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by red zeppelin View Post
    This is a great thread, I was just going to ask this type of question myself. Along the same lines, what if any moisturizer do you use after cleansing?
    I've been using Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer for a while now and really don't have any complaints. It's about $28.00 for a 3.3 ounce bottle, not cheap but does a good job imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buffdaddy View Post
    I've been a big fan of Lab Series for Men Multi Action Face Wash for a while now. It has those micro beads that helps clean out your pores. It's about $15.00 for a 3.4 ounce tube and just a small dab will do you. Use it everyday in the shower.

    Also Zihr Clean is pretty good as well. I picked up a bottle of it for around $6.00 at my local TJ Maxx. If you're looking for more of a scrub Zihr also makes one also called Scrub which is pretty mild but does the job quite well (got this for about $6.00 at TJ Maxx as well). Jack Black makes a great scrub called Face Buff. Although some have said that it's a bit too harsh. I only use it when I grow out the beard and does a great job getting rid of all the oil, dirt and grime.

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    I'm a zirh user. I have most of their products. And I really like it

    but I'm not sure its' any better than Nivea or Neutrogena

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    I was a Zirh user for a while and found their products harsh, especially Clean.
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    Cetaphil - Gentle Facial Cleaner, been using this for years morning and night along with Nivea for Men facial scrub once a week. I drift away from this routine occassionally when something catches my attention but by and large I always return to Cetaphil.

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