I got my eBay-purchased injector today, as chronicled here .

This being my first injector, I had to come up with a good way of cleaning it. I think I came up with a cute method. I wanted to be able to keep the razor slot open so it could get good and clean. I used a wooden skewer shoved in the razor as such:

The point of the skewer easily goes into the razor, then you can shove it in and break off the end so you can work with the razor easily.

After that, it is into a pit of boiling water:

Since the handle is plastic, I just brought the water to a boil and then took it off the heat. Then I let it sit for 15 minutes. No problem with the handle.

Next it was a trip to the sink, where I used a stiff toothbrush with some Barkeepers Friend cleanser:

Sorry about the poor picture here. This abrasive cleaner works really well. With the skewer keeping things propped open, I was really able to get inside the head and scrub it good.

After a good rinse, I decided to go for a bleach soak:

I kept it dilute (>10:1), but watching it carefully after a minute or so I noticed some discoloration forming. Fearing oxidation, I immediately took it out and rinsed it. Some more scrubbing cleaned it up, luckily. I'll have to figure out another method of sterilizing it.

Anyway, here is how it looks now:

Nice and clean!

Unfortunately, I have no injector blades other than the ancient ones that came with it. I am going to scour Target this weekend and see if I can drum something up.

Hope this helps others!