Hello everyone,

Good news and bad news.

I would like to let everyone know that my family and I are leaving for vacation, returning at the end of the month. The bad news? Our site will still be taking orders, but I will only ship them out when I return.
The good news? Because your orders will only be shipping a few days later, between now and the end of July, I am offering 15% OFF on all orders. Just enter SUMMERTIME in the voucher code section at checkout.

A lot of you have tried our shaving soaps already, with a nice discount, why not try out bath soaps as well?

We have the following scents available for shaving soaps: Peppermint Ice (mentholated), Maple Cream (one puck left!), Lavender (this one is a veggie soap), Samsara (Orange/Patchouli), Meditation EO blend, Sleigh Ride, Tangerine/Grapefruit/Amyris, Pina Colada and Lime/Coriander. All of these are semi-soft tallow based shaving soaps. The exception to this is the Lavender one.

We have the following bath soap scents available: Watermelon, Rice Flower and Shea, Ylang Ylang, Lavender (exfoliating), Chocolate/Orange, Chocolate/Coffee, Lemon/Grapefruit, Ocean Breeze and Honey and Oatmeal (exfoliating).

We also have a nice lavender scented shampoo bar, lip balms and other products.

You can find everything here http://www.mjsoapshop.com

Have fun everyone, and if anyone is near Ocean Isle, NC send me a pm :)