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Thread: who is the thief and has stolen an incredible gillette set... ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gearchow View Post
    I always thought it was psychological on the part of the seller. If the auction starts just below the BIN, probably a buyer will pull the trigger on the BIN. If a buyer chooses the auction, then the very least the seller will get is the auction start. Never knew about the ebay rules.

    What I described is a loophole in the system and its only only helpful for those with sales of less than a certain amount. I think its 80 but I am not sure and when people who have sales far exceeding that do it they have their own reasons that motivate hem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gearchow View Post
    Now about that name change...
    I'm thinking about Jehoshaphat Rex, but my wife's not so keen...

    Quote Originally Posted by life2short1971 View Post
    The only thing to be gained by having a BIN and auction style listing together for the seller is if they have under the minimum amount of sales and and holds are placed on BIN sales til the buyer leaves feedback. In this case if you list both an auction and BIN the hold will not occur even though it says it will when listing. Thats the only real benefit to listing an auction and a BIN that are close together that i know of.
    Aha! That could make a lot of sense here, since this seller doesn't seem to have a very long history.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark1966 View Post
    Doesn't this make two of these you have now?
    Do you mean including that Cavalier set that you let me win?
    The only constant in all your bad shaves is you.[HR][/HR]

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacDaddy View Post
    Do you mean including that Cavalier set that you let me win?
    Ah yes, that was the one. A nice pair but not the same, I can see you would need to keep both

    Well done Jehoshaphat.....
    "I love the smell of rhodium in the morning" - Shavepocalypse Now (with apologies to Francis Ford Coppola)
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