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Thread: Cheapest Blades Ever? - Tiger Blades.

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    I never claimed that I don't own anything made in china.

    What I will claim is that I don't purchase things made in china unless there is not another option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaiseris View Post
    In the name of shaving science I also purchased a pack of Tiger blades (regular shape)
    I hope the won't cut my face to ribbons .
    One note though. On the sticker (the kind that local distributor puts on) it says that country of origin is China
    Attachment 257429Attachment 257430
    no...these are counterfeit,I have had fakes from china as well....The real ones are from Czech Republic , however,a few years ago they were making them in Russia ,but under license and of equal quality to the Czech blades..

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