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Thread: 4th of July special.

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    Default 4th of July special.

    Hellos gents, how many of you are cooking up something special for the 4th of July? I'm doing bourbon porkchops (soaked in a my bourbon based marinade for around 36 hours), BBQ pork chops, and for my kosher friends bourbon marinaded chucken. Also made mashed potatoes, corn in the cob and grill s'mores. Oh and to season me while I cook a few fingers or buffalo trace,a mojito and a montecristo no. 2.

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    Nothing special here, but I did give the new Weber a workout. Started with an Italian sausage, about an 18 incher coiled up, then a dozen brats, followed by some pine-apple glazed chicken breasts. After that was some paprika, salt and pepper chicken breasts, half a dozen hot links, and finally some pine-apple slices grilled with brown sugar on top. I also consumed a few nice cigars during the operation.

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    Fried up a couple chickens, got some nice watermelon and a garden salad to go with.

    Happy Independence Day.
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