First, forgive me if I have missed some kind of public announcement...

But, I've noticed that all external links goes thru something called
At first glance it looks like the URL gets kidnapped, like scammers do with providing a false link that immidiately takes you to a new one, but via another link.
However, some research gives that is a legit business.
What it does is in their own words

"Your content compels your readers to leave your site seeking more information; VigLink pays you when they click or buy!
Automatic link affiliation and link insertion powered by LinkWeaver get you paid for actions your readers already take.

Wouldn't it have been nice to tell the membership about this or have we all ready agreed to it in the terms&service?
After all, everyone who clicks on a link while on B&B gets tracked on what they do on that other site as one who has come from B&B. i.e data-mining.