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Thread: A Relic: Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox MP3 Player (Want To Save Music Files)

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    Default A Relic: Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox MP3 Player (Want To Save Music Files)

    Hard to believe that something "only" twelve years old would be considered an ancient relic pertaining to things digital.

    Anyway, while digging around the top shelf of one of my closets in order to get rid of some junk and clean house I found this old thing. I plugged it in and it actually still works!

    To my joy and pleasant surprise I discovered LOTS of vintage Motown and am listening to some of it while posting this. To the best of my knowledge, this MP3 player has a 6 gigabyte micro hard drive. Considering the age of this thing, I know that I am borrowed time until the drive "gives up the ghost."

    Is there any way that I can transfer the music files to iTunes, or something else, in order to backup the music to CD? Or, should I just consider saving the music files a "no-hoper" and enjoy all that old Motown while I can?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    The best I can find is the advice here if you have a Mac, and here if you have a PC. Hope it helps
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    Does it not have a standard USB connector on it? You should just be able to connect them to your computer and copy the files across.

    Creative MP3 players were excellent (imo), I have 2 or 3 knocking around I use at work. Built to last those fellas!
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    I have a Creative Zen and it's used in the car most days. Brilliant bit of kit.

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    I've used Sharepod to copy music from an ipod to itunes. It's easy and it's free.

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    You should be able to download a compatible manager for your player. Then plug it in, download the music to your computer, than add it to your iTunes folder.

    If you have a specific problem pop post it up and see what info pops up.
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    Hey i used to have a nomad.
    thats going back a few years.

    I'll do you one better, i had an RCA Lyra which was the first generation of MP3 players"
    it has no internal memory. It came with a 8MB CF card!
    i could put 6 -10 songs on it depending on how long they were

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