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Thread: scuttle does not work?

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    i was wondering if the t&h is in fact a scuttle or if it is just a mug? this:

    here is what i got.
    here is a guys pic that was selling one on here so you can see the inside:
    i am aslo wondering how the price more than doubled on that thing. i guess supply and demand.

    edit: it seems with a soap puck putting the brush in hot water and lathering on the soap is warmer. transferring the small amount of lather to another bowl(scuttle) does not seem to keep it very warm since it is a very small amount of lather and mostly stuck to the brush. besides i find the soap lathers much better with more swirls on the soap than transferring the lather to another vessel. i think the scuttle i got is really for a cream and not a soap. i only use soap. so i am thinking the t&h is actually what i am looking for? the only problem is swirling that much on the soap itself is an expensive proposition.
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    T&H has soap scuttles. you can not lather in them. You pour the hot water in the spout and that steams up the bottom of the soap which you put on the round area of the top. that way your soap gets warm and steamy.
    But, why would you even want to spend all that money on a scuttle or a soap scuttle? I have a DB scuttle and haven't used it in a year. If you want to have a nice and warm lather, just fill up your sink with hot water and then make your lather in a regular bowl and before you put the brush on your face, just dip the tips of your brush in the sink which is filled with hot water real quick and then apply it to your face. You get the best warm , luxurious feeling on your face, and that way first, you haven't spent all that money on a scuttle and second, your lather doesn't break down.

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    i always did exactly what you said but instead of filling the sink i kept a mug full of hot water. now that i figured out to put the soap in the berry bowl and the berry bowl in the onion soup cup full of hot water. i think i actually came up with something better. the soap is soft like the t&h cup and the brush is very warm. the joke is i already had everything i needed. i think the moss scuttle is really for whipping up cream. i find transferring "soap" does not make a lot of lather and probably not enough to stay warm in the scuttle. i can see it working very well with cream but i personally do not use cream. dipping the brush as you said is probably the warmest option nonetheless. i should have got the t&h first and i probably would have been happier since i use soap. now i kind of lost the feeling to spend more money on this. what you said doctor has worked for me for many years. in fact better than this scuttle just did. i will keep trying but i will not bother you guys about it anymore.

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    Scuttles are made to provide 'warm' lather, not 'hot'.
    Too much heat will make your lather break down and become less effective.
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    I use Robert Becker's largest scuttle (the 001, I believe). I fill it with hot tap water, then microwave it for two minutes. Then I use it just as I would a mixing/lathering bowl.

    Works great, but do use a potholder under the spout. It's a bit hot to handle, but the results are worth the ritual.
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    honestly it was just not for me. dunking my brush in hot water and rubbing it on the soap for three passes with a de or two with a straight as i have always done is what i seem to prefer. just because they make something does not mean it will suit everyone. i can shave with my de is less than 10 minutes total time for prep and everything. microwaving or boiling and such adds at least another 10 minutes afaik. i love the shaving ritual but for some reason i just don't like this. i am kind of afraid to bring it back because i am a very good customer where i got it and do not wish to lose that standing. it looks really nice though so i will keep it in case it sparks my interest again. thank you guys for all the help you offered. btw, i am from when straight razors were en vogue but not scuttles lol.

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    Brush scuttles, like the Trufit & Hill, are more for face lathering, I suspect, unlike the newer DirtyBird type. Fill the bottom up with hot tap water, place brush in water part then set it aside and brush teeth or what ever else for about five minutes. Then pull brush out sling water off and load the brush on the soap and face lather. Very nice and warm to the face during the lathering process. then place brush back into the water part and shave. Rinse and repeat for the next pass and it will even feel better. Same results are had with using a deep mug like an Atlas Hazel. Fill with hot water then dump out when ready to load the brush. After lathering on the face, fill the mug again with hot water and let the brush soak till next pass. The scuttle makes it easier since you dont have to keep dumping the water and refilling.

    Newer style scuttles like yours is more of a lather bowl warmer. IMO a warm brush is 90% of the warm feeling you get when applying lather to your face. Maybe try keeping a shave mug to the side with hot water with your brush soaking while you shave the first pass.
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    after having it for a week i found a hot brush is the main thing. a scuttle is not necessary for me at least. i soak my brush in a mug of hot water and swirl it on my soap. the scuttle does not make the lather noticeably warmer for me. i also do not need to refill my mug during a shave. my water is set at 140 degrees f and that lasts my 10 minute shave. i do find transferring the lather to a bowl makes the sopa last longer but does not provide as much lather or as warm a shave. i read all over the scuttle is not a lather bowl so i suppose that is why it did not work out for me. i figure it is much better for someone that uses cream and face lathers.

    i am sorry i kept reviving this thread. i just wanted y'all to know i have given up on it for now. i do not wish to sell it though. i will gift it to someone. one less gift i have to buy lol.

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    i wanted to apologize to all of you. the scuttle works more than fine. it was the soap i was using. which i was not keen on anyways. i used a different soap. i actually did lather in the scuttle which worked fine. my shave was more than warm for the entire shave! id say it was nearly hot! persistence pays off and i am really sorry if i adverted anyone from purchasing this. i feel like an idiot.

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