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Thread: Anything sharper than a feather?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cfender View Post
    I traded for a small quantity of Silver Blues a while back and have used one for my last 2 shaves after your post reminded me I had some and that my early impression was that it was a very good and a very sharp blade.

    After these last (2) shaves, I believe it's the sharpest non-Feather blade I've used for several weeks. Maybe months. That includes Personna Meds and Labs, Super Iridium, Polsilver, and Astra SP. For me it's still not as sharp as the Feather.

    The other blade that I tried a while back that I thought was approaching Feather sharpness was the Gillette Bleue Extra (NOS). I haven't used one recently however.
    The Gillette Bleue Extra is still sold at online stores in France. I am not sure what the deal is there, but prices are between 2 and 3 Euro for ten packs. I have seen them sold in 12 blade packs as well (strange packaging). Maybe they're not the original NOS blades if you were referring to the ones that used to be manufactured in France. ... "".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Early Morning View Post
    The included angle at the edge of a Super Iridium approximately 19.5 degrees. This surprises me Id like to think razor-sharp is an acuter angle than 19 or 20 degrees at the edge. I am wondering if this is not the standard, more or less.
    Could be.
    Might could get this kind of info from the blade manufacturers. I kind of enjoy just trying different blades in my razors. With all the different coatings and polishing processes, its hard to believe that blade spec's could be counted on to translate to a reliable performance prediction in your razor, cutting your whiskers on your skin. A lot of variable other than the blade.

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