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Thread: Name your weird scent combo that works- PIF to the most creative!

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    Default Name your weird scent combo that works- PIF to the most creative!

    Mine is named Kuba Deluxe Shave (after the Acid Cigar for those of you who don't know).

    Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandlewood Cream
    Brut Aftershave Splash
    Paco Rabanne 1 Million cologne

    When I buy a cologne I tend to use it day after day to really figure it out. Today I was doing my classic (or old man depending on how you look at it) scent shave using TOBS Sandlewood and Brut AS but when I added the Paco Rabanne and stepped outside to walk my dog... WHOA! I was literally looking around for someone smoking an Acid cigar. Then I started sniffing myself like a madman to confirm that it was actually me. I never would have guessed it but the combination of the woody earthy TOBS sent, mixed with the musky, powdery brut and the floral musky cologne combined to make a remarkable imitation of one of my favorite cigars. I love it and will be trying it again soon!

    So what is a strange combination of scents that has worked for you or pleasantly surprised you? Give it a name and let's see who has the most interesting one! I am considering sending a PIF of all the ingredients of my Kuba Deluxe shave to the person who comes up with the best combo but I don't want anything lame like Proraso+Tabac= a menthol cigarette!


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    Don't count me in, but two of my Favorites;

    Summer: Morning Meadow- AOS Rose SC, Catalyst AS, Ach Brito Lavanda

    Winter: European Forest- Tabac Soap, Norwegian Wood AS, Guerlain Vetiver
    Tabacaholic since 1976

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    One of my new favorite combos reminds me of the cherry sour candies I always loved as a kid.

    Vitos Extra Coco + Thayer's Aloe (slightly bitter scent to me...) + Alt-Innsbruck... bonus points if you finish with a little r.160 balm.
    Brian | Rumple-smooth-skin

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    I haven't done it in a couple of years,
    but I used to get great results by
    SuperLathering Musgo Real and MWF.

    Either of these by itself has a very mild, almost bland scent,
    but added together they create something pleasant and very unique.

    And wow, what a shave!
    You getTallow, and a double-dose of Lanolin to boot!

    I never thought about giving it a name,
    so Musgo Fat will have to do.
    Sounds kinda like a character out of Star Wars,
    or maybe its that famous Pool Hustler's brother.

    Or, it could be called Mitchell Real,
    which sounds like he could be an English-Portuguese porn star.
    This Signature for rent.

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    Don't know if this is weird enough to count, but I will share

    Col. Conk Bay Rum soap super-lathered with Shultons Original OS cream. Lovely combination of old-school manly smells.
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    I dub thee the "International Debonair"..............
    L'Occitane Cade
    Clubman aftershave splash
    Knize Ten Cologne

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    Still working on a name for this one...

    Speick Shave Stick + KMF Pomegranate Grapefruit, finished with AV Ice Blue Sport.
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    "Cool Green"

    Superlather of Euro Palmolive shave soap with Proraso/Bigelow shave cream, followed up with Ivy Club (a mentholated Brut knockoff).
    We shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, as I trust shall never be put out!

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    melted a GodRej shave soap puck, Arko stick and Erasmic shave stick...molded it into a plastic container..endless brush lather...and the scent..well, smells like a urinal cake with a bit of soapy detergent scent.."Deterga Shave Soap"

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    Shaving cream blends:

    Castle Forbes Lime + Penhaligon Blenheims Bouquet
    Castle Forbes Lavender + Penhaligon Endymion
    Acqua di Parma + Penhaligon Opus 1870
    Penhaligon Blenheims Bouquet + O Melhor
    Speick + Proraso Red
    Acca Kappa 1869 + i Coloniali

    Fragrance blends (I own 345 fragrances, so I blend a LOT to experiment):

    Dior Homme + L'Instant de Guerlain EDT
    Dior Homme Intense + L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme EDP
    Givenchy Pi + Lolita Lempicka au Masculine
    Mugler Pure Malt + Thallium Black
    Mugler Pure Havana + Versace The Dreamer
    Bogart Pour Homme + Thallium Black
    Michael Kort for Men + Bogart POur Homme
    Prada Infusion D'Homme + Guerlain Vetiver
    Prada Infusion D'Homme + Armani Acqua di Gio
    Chanel Bleu de + Perry Ellis Red 360
    Creed GIT + Davidoff Cool Water
    Creed Orange Spice + JPG Le Male
    Creed Original Santal + Givenchy Xeryus Rouge
    Polo Modern Reserve + Givenchy Xeryus Pour Homme
    YSL Opium + YSL La nu de L'Homme
    YSL La Nuit de L'Homme EDT + La Nuit de L'Homme EDP
    Terre D'Hermés EDT + Terre D'Hermés PP
    Dior Fahrenheit + DSquared2 He Wood
    Bvlgari Black + Van CLeef & Arpel Midnight in Paris ED(T)
    Van Cleef & Arpel Midnight in Paris ED(P) + Dior Homme Intense
    YSL Body Kouros + Lolita Lempicka ay Masculine Fraicheur
    YSL L'homme Libre + Eau de Cartier EDP
    Mugler Cologne + Prada Infusion D'Homme
    Prada Amber Pour Homme + Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense
    L'Occitane Pour Homme + JGP Le Male
    L'Occitane Eau de Baux + Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
    L'Occitane Badian + Bvlgari Pour Homme Extreme
    YSL Rive Gauche + Aramis Tuscany
    Dior Eau Sauvage Extreme + Perry Ellis Midnight
    Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée + Cerrutti 1869 PH
    Bvlgari Aqva + Nautica Voyage
    Paco Rabanna 1 Million + L'Eau d'Issey Miaki

    I could carry on like this for an hour - I have experimented a lot and often prefer a blend over just using one fragrance.
    I don't mention all my blend failures of course - I write them down, so I know what NOT to blend

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    Bacon and Gin!

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