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Thread: Must Try Soaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaverjoe View Post
    I really prefer the artisan soaps- so I would strongly recommend the two following
    +1 to that. Both of these are excellent. Lots of scents and samples are available from the vendors so you can pick some favorites without breaking the bank.

    And don't miss Tabac and Mitchell's Wool Fat. Tabac lathers itself while you're in the shower, easiest soap to use there is. The scent is divisive, love it or hate it. I've grown to love it. MWF is more of a challenge to lather but it's not rocket science. Keep the puck hydrated and it will work just fine.
    Kent - 3017er / Speick Stick grated into a tin (9/14/2015 - ?)

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    There's a ton of good UK-made excellent soaps. From the ones I love I recommend:
    DR Harris Marlborough (or any other flavour, for that matter)

    Of the Italian ones (I assume they're easy to obtain in the UK) I recommend:
    Valobra Stick

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    Arko, you get an amazing lather for an amazingly low price.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whimsical View Post
    New to classic shaving and am looking to try out some new soaps. Preferably under 15 (around $25). I don't really know what I like yet except for I am not keen on creams. It would be great if I could get some suggestions!
    Ask Garry if he ships international. Get some samples and find out for yourself. That's what I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by attime6 View Post
    Arko, you get an amazing lather for an amazingly low price.

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    Kent soap in bowl off ebay (it's the same as MWF but rebadged and there's an offer where you get it with a bowl with postage for 10, sold by ebay id kentbrushes)

    There's someone on ebay selling seconds Trumper soaps with bowl at the moment

    D R Harris

    Erasmic stick from chemists shop

    Arko, Derby (from or ebay)

    The main artisan maker in the UK is nannys silly soaps and they are OK
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldGreyGuy View Post
    You know after trying a dozen different soaps at some point you will end up using Cella and Arko. You may as well save yourself a lot of trouble and try them now.

    I assume that you may be in the UK as you used the sign.

    Both are relatively cheap and are available online, Cella is around 7.50 plus freight from UK vendors, Arko can be had for various prices but has it at US$15 for 6 sticks. There may be better deals for Arko on Amazon but none of their deals will ship to Australia, I assume that they may not ship to the UK either but you may be lucky.

    Just remember Cella and Arko , you know you want to.
    Hate almond and hate toilet puck, so not likely. How 'bout MWF and La Toja?
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    Well, as you can tell a guy has to find his own way. Many soaps can be expensive and poor performing. The journey is interesting, but frustrating that way.

    I admire these guys who love their soaps with passion.

    Tabac for performance. DR Harris for scent. Artisan soaps for both (some) - TFS and Calani.

    Everyone must have a go at DA FAT or Mitchells. Have a decent brush for this one and it will shine.

    Poraso is too cheap not to enjoy in the summer for variety, especially the new superb formula in a tub.

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    Instuit Karit or any French soap.

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