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Thread: Shower gel recommendations

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    Default Shower gel recommendations

    I have been using shower gels for quite some time and have enjoyed them for the most part. I have used some of the Gillette products and other items regularly available from local sources. I have tried some of the more upscale items like TOBS Eucris and a few others and like them very much. I would like some recommendations from any of you that use some of these products. I have been considering some offerings from Yardley, L'Occitane, GFT, and D R Harris. I think that Tabac makes a gel as well. I think that some call their products hair and body gels though I have no experience with them. Thought on these products would be helpful as well.


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    American crew tea tree. Or for dry cold weather Shea moisture makes a body wash that is amazing. Can't remember what it's called. Brown bottle blue label.

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    I absolutely love Irish Spring's Intensify body wash, it has Menthol. It wakes you up in the morning and since in California it is hot year round it leaves you feeling nice and cool after a warm shower instead of hot and sticky like lots of dove body washes.

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    I'm still using bars so far since I can get Yardleys for under a buck a bar and it last a month. The last one I used I love but not the price and it was the Irish Spring one that I got a get one free coupon from the paper.
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    Huge recommendation for Anthony Eucalyptus and Mint body wash. Tingly, minty, and cooling. Energizing way to start the day or to follow up a workout. Smells so good!


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    Everyman Jack Cedarwood or Signature Mint for a nice tingle.

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    When I use Clubman as an AS ... I've actually used their shampoo as a body wash ... worked Great.

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    +1 on the Speick. Nothing quite like it.

    Meehan Bay Rhum shower gel is also a great performer.

    I also like the I'Coloniali shower cream (in the aluminium bottle) and the gel (in the blue tube).

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    Usually I use Dove for Men body wash and seems to work pretty well. Lately though I've been using C.O. Bigelow Mentha Bodywash on these hot dry Chi-town days. Has a nice cooling sensation.

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