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Thread: My pipes pics for your enjoyment

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    Nice huckleberry finn petersons!
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    I just bought on EBAY a pipe advertised as a Tracey Mincer radiator pipe for $110. I was shocked at how small it is. It seems like a toy. I wonder if I've been cheated. But maybe they just made pipes smaller in the 40's. The seller has a very reasonable return policy. But if it is genuine and the price is fair, I'll keep it. It was advertised as briar and it may be, but in my opinion it could also be plastic. Is there any way that I can verify the authenticity and value of this pipe?

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    I just bought on EBAY what was advertised as a Tracey Mincer Radiator briar. It has three circular cuts that go all around and the characteristic holes drilled through from the top. I paid $110. However I was shocked at how small it is: 5.5 inches in length, the bowl is 3/8 inche wide inside and 3/4 inch outside. But maybe they made pipes that small in the 40's. The bowl and shank could be briar, but honestly it feels like plastic to me. Is there any reference book I can used to authenticate this pipe and ascertain a fair value for it. The seller seems to have a reasonable return policy, but if it is genuine and fairly priced I'll keep it.

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    actually pieps WERE generally smaller in the 40s and earlier. I had many pre-war Dunhills and Sasienis (all were small)

    in fact I still have a 1944 Dunhill root briar poker (NEVER getting rid fo that) and its' what I smoke 1792 and the strong stuff in. it's like a size 2ish

    ironically I have a Sasieni from early 50's thats HUGE (arved to look like it's sandblasted - weird) I'll find it and post a pic sometime. But i mean BIG, ! one of my biggest classically shaped pipes... ahhh the prosperity of the 50s I guess

    Love those Radiator pipes...

    and great pipes from the OP!!!! that radiator is PRISTINE!!!
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    Very nice pipes, thanks for sharing. I was at an antique store recently and they had a very similar pipe to your meer, and I am kicking myself for not picking it up for $10!

    I love the dollars series. Watching Eastwood smoke cigars in that movie is what prompted me to try cigars the first time.
    -Connor Lawrence
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xilbus View Post
    Thank you, this is the Tracey Mincer Radiator pipe, a pipe that was made in the 1940's
    Attachment 252474
    Attachment 252475
    Cool pipe, is the radiator feature very effective? The style of these picture is familiar to me, very "shiny" .
    "Life's too short for pipes that gurgle"

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    You have a nice pipe collection, here's mine

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have an order with more pipes coming in next month.

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