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Thread: Astra super platinum > Derby?

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    For me, Astra SP blades are better (sharper, smoother) than Derby blades. Derby feels about as sharp as the Dorco ST-301, but the Dorco is much smoother for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennard View Post
    Astra SP is my normal blade right now. I've used Derbys in the past and my opinion is they are not as sharp as the Astras.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBull View Post
    Derby's are obviously soo good, NOONE will take me up on a free 4 pack w me paying the $.42 cents to
    I'll take them if you still have them
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    I got a hold of some Astras through the never ending PIF thread, after three shaves with them, I can tell they are not for me. They just don't cut my wiskers. It is really crazy, almost like I was shaving without a blade. I even tried dialing up the Slim a few notches and it didn't help. I actually had to switch blades before I was done shaving. So, for me, Derbys are better, but of course YMMV

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    I hope Astra SP are good for me...I just ordered 100.

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    i jjust tried a derby on my DE89L , i thought it was a perfect shave, i also have Atra sp on my R41, very sharp aggressive, but find no faults with either blade

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperChris View Post
    I happen to like Derbys, I also shave with Dorco St301's. I do have some astras on the way though.
    i had no issues with Derby's either, and i am on my first Astra------derby's are very controversial , either one hates them or loves them- i shaved one side and felt like it did not shave anything, but i felt and the stubbs were gone, actually very smooth
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    Quote Originally Posted by brother cavefish View Post
    either one hates them or loves them
    I hate them. All else being equal, they alone cause irritation all over my face.

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    I found Astras to be a bit sharper and smoother that Derby's as well. The Derby's weren't bad though. Just a little bit of tug. It seemed like I had to force it a bit sometimes to get it going, but at least it didn't irritate my skin.

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