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I'll go you one better- I can't see anyone not liking these products, at least in the case of the Speick splash and the Proraso balm.
No argument from me!

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The Musgo cream is fantastic- fabulous grassy scent, super slick and cushioning. The lanolin is a love it or hate it affair. This cream was made to be superlathered with MWF.
The splash is the single finest aftershave extant, period.
The oddly named balsalm is a stealth product- it hardly gets any press, but it is amazing. It's thicker than Heinz ketchup yet nowhere near as greasy as the Speick balm.

All three products are variation on a central theme, scentwise. If you only get one, by all means get the splash.
I never could get the Musgo Real SC to lather very well in the water we have here, but that was when I was starting out. My technique may have improved.

I PIF'ed the AS splash I had - too much glycerin; Speick (and Proraso splash) works much better for me. I would have loved to have tried the original version in the cork box. Now the Musgo Real balsam - I like it better, though not by much, than the Proraso. More healing for my skin.