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Thread: My current camera is too good!

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    I'm in the same boat. I've been resisting the urge to upgrade anything for 5 years now. Started with the Nikon D40 I currently have. I've been looking at a D300s because it has some options that the D40 doesn't (more focus points, better low light capability, built in focus motor, auto-bracketing, and a solidly built body). Just when I'm thinking of pulling the trigger, my best friend who lives several state away says he has a D200 with several lenses and a battery pack and an SB800 he'll sell me cheap. He upgraded to the D300S several years ago and a new DX3 this summer and hasn't used the D200 since. Now the D200 isn't going to give me better IQ, it isn't SOTA, has the same sensor as my D40, but it's going to give me the majority of things I'm looking for in a total package of around 1/2 of what a used D300s would cost me. No brainer I think for me at this point. I seem to get fairly good shots from the D40 and the little 18-55mm kit lens which is what I shoot 99% of the time (see my homepage).

    I've never done any conversions in camera. Everything gets shot in RAW then goes through ACR and CS4 (hope to upgrade to CS6 this fall). Way more control IMO.

    And I don't necessarily find the DX lens selection that limiting. My D40 will take nearly every Nikon lens ever made. Of course you may have to manually focus and meter like the old days, but with the LCD display that's no big deal. FX is really nice for improved IQ, but the lenses are just way to expensive after dropping big money on the body.
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    I'm probably going to wait for a while, maybe until the successor to the D7000 comes out. Every time I pick up the Canon EOs 7d I want it badly, but since I've got 3 Nikon lenses and the 7D is quite expensive and quite old, it would be silly for me to go down that route. Re MF, it can be ok if you've got lots of time to focus and particularly use live view, but for street work it's totally unsuitable.

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