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Thread: Just a standard cased old type? or mix matched razor and case

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    Default Just a standard cased old type? or mix matched razor and case

    Is this just a standard cased old type, or a pocket edition thats not ornate? The set is very clean but of course the handle has a small crack...sigh. I've seen a case similar from Mr-razor.

    But I think mabe I have a variation of this thin handle

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    It looks like a variant of a ball end old type set. The blade bank looks like it may date it to the 1920s. Does the razor have a serial no on it?
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    No serial # or patent dates on any pieces.

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    Your blade bank looks exactly the same as my 20s old type Pocket Edition.
    My case, as in Achim's below has the basket weave, not striped.
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    Yeah I was just wondering if there were different types of cases for the pocket editions. I have two pocket cases, but they are both ornate and one says pocket edition with all the different countries patent info.

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    nice set. I donīt know the name of this case/set. The Pocket Edition No500-B has a gold plated plaine case. Maybe this engraved case is a late version. Iīve the same set. My razor has a serial number M 677 542 - thatīs 1920. Typical for these late Pocket sets are the blade holder and the backside of the case. Your set looks great!

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    Nice looking set!

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