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Thread: Chosera 1k,5k and 10k progression

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    Quote Originally Posted by superbleu View Post
    Sorry Rick, but what is your logic here? If the bevel is already set then what purpose does spending more time on the 1K do?
    In my opinion all this will do is waste good metal.
    Good point...and I wondered about that after I'd written it.

    My logic is if he's spending time on the 5k and not sure when they're done, along with having a couple of razors that weren't quite there after spending time here and moving as, as in the original post, I would guess the bevel needs more work. It may just be a quick touch up, it may need to be reset. Perhaps it's set and needs just a little more umph. If the 1k is where most of the edge comes from, to me, this makes some sense. Get it right there first.

    Even if a razor was shaving well initially, now it is not. Doing 10-12 strokes on this stone may help to reshape things just enough and isn't going to waste away enough metal to worry with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easttexasman View Post
    Thanks for everyones advice. I even received a few PM's. I am just going to stick with what I have now and see how I progress with experience.

    I have been using a coti with oil after the 10k and then stropping, I am going to add my Frankonian to the mix this weekend to see if it adds anything.
    Where do you add the Frankonian in? If it's like most Frankonian hones, it's likely a finisher. Then, so you'll have 3 finishers? Is this correct? May be overkill if that's the case.

    I'd def. stick with what you got. In fact, I wouldn't add a darn thing until you "master" what you have. The 1, 5, 10. Get some crazy good edges out of those rocks consistently. First. This is going to show you that you know what you're doing. You know what it takes to create an edge that is worth shaving with. THEN add the coticule with oil. See if you like it. Or, skip the 10k and replace it with the coti/ oil.

    The problem I see with mixing around stones, trying new stones and all that too early in the learning to hone game is we read posts and we quickly learn it's the stone's fault. It's not. I'm guilty of it myself. Many of us are. It wasn't until I chose a group of stones and decided to stick with them and get a slew of blades shave ready on THAT progression ONLY that I was able to produce an edge that I was satisfied with. Until then I was wasting time, really. Everything was getting close. The thought comes...that's nice, but man it'd be better if I had x stone.

    A truckload of hones is impressive. Only if you know how to use them.

    Stick to the 1 5 10. Send a blade or two out to different members to critique. Most importantly you be your best adviser. You know what type of edge you like shaving with.

    Find someone's edges youl like. Ask them if you can send them the blade.

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    The only new hones to me are the 5k & 10k. I have no problems using my other stones.

    This morning I sat down and decided I would hone a razor that I have never been able to get a good edge on. I was able to get it to pop hairs off the 1k and I spent forever on the 5k. I still cannot figure out how to tell when I am done with the 5k but if I do alot of strokes I just figure I am done with it.
    After using the 10k I decided I would be daring and shave off the 10k to see how I liked the edge,now I actually did not think I would like it because I stropped another razor to take over once I felt the edge.I ended up using the razor for the entire shave and I loved the edge,no weepers and it was not harsh at all. I have shaved off synthetic edges before I did not like it all but this experience was completely different.

    I very happy with these stones right now.

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    Get a loup and check the scratch marks. You will know when the 1K marks are gone with magnification.

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    Maybe you should improve your "checking the edge" techniques.
    Do you know the TPT? It might be an excellent choice for a test at these lower grit ranges

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