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Thread: Courtney & Woods Bourbon?

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    Default Courtney & Woods Bourbon?

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    I was at a liquor store today and having a conversation with the shopkeep about bourbon when he asked me if I've tried Courtney & Woods. I have not. He said it was put out by the Buffalo Trace people and in his opinion it is a 'great' bourbon for $20.

    The bottle looks exactly like the Buffalo Trace bottle. It made me curious and I was seriously tempted to try it, but alas, I was there on another mission, and besides, I'd have faced wrath if I came home with another bottle of whiskey. I've tried to explain to my better half that all those bottles aren't the same. Some are Scotch and some are Bourbon...but it's an argument I'm not winning.

    Has anyone picked this up?
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    I saw this in my local liquor store and asked the manager about it. He said it was NOT a Buffalo Trace product. According to him, someone who used to be with Jack Daniels is the master distiller. His opinion was that it was OK for a mixer.... I tried a taste and found it thin and unremarkable, especially for a 10 YO bourbon. I passed.

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    Good to know, thanks. I won't be buying it anytime soon, then.

    I was looking at the usual whiskey sites for any info about it, but there's little to be found. All I found was a post on straightbourbon by someone who says they had to contact the bottler and found out that it is distilled at the Buffalo Trace distillery then shipped to CA where it's bottled and (presumably) sold by an independent bottler. Either way, doesn't matter whose stills it comes from, if it's swill it's swill.
    Is this your homework, Larry?

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