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Thread: Proraso Sandalwood & Shea butter: first lather, review & pics

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    I have a tube of this in the mail and can't wait to try it out after all of these great reviews. I like earthy smells, so I assume this will be right up my alley.
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    Had my first shave with Proraso Red this morning. It generated a fantastic lather with a nice subtle scent. Love it!

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    I love this cream. It is my first choice. The smell is something I would mix up if I could
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    I shaved with Prorosa Red for the first time this morning and it was great. I am impressed with the entire Proraso line up. Proraso has become my go to cream/soap when ever I have a bad shave and my face needs a recovery day (a day of not shaving is not an option for me).


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    i'm a pre school in wet shave,1 month only.but bought one red and greem tub,150ml.
    no words to explain wht you fell when use this .
    superior shave.

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    According to their website: green is for all skin and beard types, blue is for those wanting a closer shave, white is for sensitive skin, and red is for thick and/or coarse beards.

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    Thanks for the review and pics :)

    When I first got the red tub I wasn't sold for 2-3 shaves, but it's slowly growing on me

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