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    My package from amazon arrived and I lathered up with Arko (first time) shaved with my 1912 Gem Junior (first time) and finished the shave with a splash of the Veg (first time). The result was I am very happy with all 3 items. The Arko lathered great and had very good cushion and glide. The Gem Junior with a Treet blade shaved just as nice as my standard 1912 does,and that is pure awesome. Now for the Veg,I dont understand the hate. Yes it is strong in the bottle,and when first applied,but it dries down very nice. I have lilac bushes in my yard and thats what I smelled when I whiffed the bottle. I didnt get any hint of urine,cat or otherwise. My girlfriend stopped over and approved,but she said the scent reminded her of powder more than lilacs. I dont think its something I'll wear every day,but its got a spot in my rotation for sure.

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    Welcome to the secret society of the VEG.

    You will be told the secret handshake when you get your VEG society indoctrination package.

    You are not to wear your VEG cloak or belt outside of the shave den nor tell any mortals any of the secret rituals.

    Tbolious Merkurm brother

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    Quote Originally Posted by turtle View Post
    Welcome to the secret society of the VEG.
    I wear kilts because crushed nuts are for sundaes. Lilac Vegetarian and SABRE.

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    The Veg has spoken,"You Are Chosen!!!!!!!"
    Gerry,Proud member of BOTOC

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