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    I was shopping with my wife tonight at Target when out of the blue she asked, "So, can you show me what I need to do to use one of your safety razors?" I certainly did not figure that she would be a likely convert, but after seeing how much I've enjoyed my switch from cartridges and the ridiculous price of them, she decided she'd at least give a DE a try. Anyway, I loaded up a ball-end tech with a Personna red, gave her a few pointers and off she went. I was a big worried that she'd find the handle a little puny and maybe slippery in the shower, but she said it was comfortable and easy to grip. Best of all, she said it gave her a great shave and that she may be sold! Now I may just have to start looking for razors for her. And she thought this would be a money saver...maniacal laugh!!

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    Mwahahahahha! Glad she's at least trying it! My gf has shot down my ideas although I'll keep trying :)

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    Just keep it lying around in the bathroom and she'll eventually get interested. My GF is now loving the Lord L6 I started out with.

    I just showed her how to make some nice lather, and now she is good to go.

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    Congrats, another convert!! Couples that shave together, stay together.. lol

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