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Thread: Review: Pharmacist's Terra Incinerata Ink

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    Default Review: Pharmacist's Terra Incinerata Ink

    This is the second of three reviews I have planned for Pharmacist’s “fancy” iron gall inks. It is actually the third review I completed and is the shortest. I love all three inks, but I guess I just had less to say about this ink because it is the most subtle of the three.
    Pen: Hero 330

    Ink form: Hammermill Tidal MP paper

    Review: AMPAD efficiency legal pad paper

    This is the second of the three “fancy” iron gall inks I got in the mail today from Pharmacist of the Fountain Pen Network. I got so excited by this one I immediately inked a pen with the third color (Darkening Absinthe) and was so in love with that color I paused this review to write that one! The three inks are all outstanding and unlike any other ink I have tried.

    By far, this is the most subtle of the inks. It moves from a sort of mossy green to a solid brown. The color shifts over the course of a few minutes (maybe 2 or 3) but likely will continue to darken a bit over the next few hours (note: no, not that I can tell — it’s darkens almost 100% of the way within about 40 seconds).

    In this pen, this ink is maybe a -1 in dryness. It isn’t quite as dry as the Oriens-Occidens.

    The three pack of inks was about $40 shipped from Belgium to me. It was very well worth it.

    Video (note it is in the wrong orientation, my apologies):

    Handwritten review:

    Terra Incinerata by Erechtheus, on Flickr

    Before water test, after water test, and photo of ink form:

    Terra Incinerata by Erechtheus, on Flickr

    Terra Incinerata by Erechtheus, on Flickr

    Terra Incinerata by Erechtheus, on Flickr

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    Outstanding, thank you!!

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    Great review!!
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