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Thread: Razor bumps - what did I do? Pics included

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    Default Razor bumps - what did I do? Pics included

    Hello friends,

    I am still just a few months into wet shaving and things have been great razor bumps gone and I find myself enjoying shaving instead of dreading. I have been cruising along try new blades and on my fourth shave with an Israeli red I got the worse attack of razor bumps I have had since I started wet shaving. What the heck did I do? I use three pass but only two around the chin as my neewbe ness causes nicks in that area. Let me say I used to get these everywhere and they were 100% gone until two days ago. I have been playing around with the blade sample pack and this is my first red. I really liked it but was the fourth shave pushing it? I did notice a little pulling. I appreciate the help. You guys always know what to do.

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    Likely a combination of a dull blade and technique. The dull blade may have led to you inadvertently applying too much pressure. And as you know ANY pressure is TOO much. I am sure this will improve. Keep at it and enjoy your shaves!

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    Yup, +1 on the advice. Looks like too much pressure which pushes down the skin a little, allowing the beard hair to be cut, then the skin pops back up when the pressure is removed, creating an ingrown hair. I've had the same problem.

    Don't worry about BBS for now. Work on improving your technique and focus on keeping a light touch. During the switch to DE, it's easy to try to deal with the changing contours of the face by applying additional pressure. That's a cartridge shave solution. With DE shaving, the skill is in maintaining little, if any pressure on the blade, following the subtle contours of the face by listening to how the razor sounds as it cuts, and changing the razor angle (ever so slightly) to accommodate the subtle contour changes. Listen to your razor and the sound it makes when it is cutting efficiently and without the interference of unnecessary pressure. You'll need to focus to keep that sound consistent throughout your shave, but it will become automatic as your skill improves.
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    Thanks for the pictures. It is hard to visualize sometimes what razor burn or bumps are- Thanks!
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    Thanks for the advice. I thought I would ad I picked up some of the AOS ingrown hair night cream. It was expensive but stuff is amazing. bumps almost gone this morning.

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    Clearly too much pressure. It's hard to resist the temptations to bear down on those difficult spots. Instead try stretching your skin in those spots so that the area around your jawline is temporarily where your lower cheek would be. Focus on beard reduction and in short order you'll see great improvements.

    In the short term as you shave over the next few days, when you lather touch each inflamed bum with the tip of your finger so that you can see it through the lather and shave around it. Running a sharp blade over such an inflamed raised area is sure to hinder it's healing.

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