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Thread: Props To The Golden Nib

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    Default Props To The Golden Nib

    Not only do they carry an excellent selection of nice quality knots, but they have top-notch customer service to boot. I usually receive my orders in two days, and always with a hand written "thank you" on the invoice from Vanessa. On Sunday, I mistakenly ordered a Silvertip knot when I wanted a Finest, and I sent a message Monday morning to see if I could get it changed. Vanessa responded back very quickly saying she would make the change and to not worry about the price difference (the Finest knot cost $3 more).

    Two big thumbs up for Tony and Vanessa!

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    TGN is definitely top notch. Love that finest knot too. Got the 22mm a few weeks ago for a brush I restored.

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    Yeah,a handwritten note, even if it is just done on a printed out invoice is a nice touch you don't see too often these days. I put in my order Tuesday night and today, thursday, I get not one but TWO knots. I can only figure that it is because the base of one of them didn't have enough epoxy as you can see it's malformed. However that is still two knots for the price of one. The Golden Nib have proven to me in just one order that they are a class act that will be getting my business for some time to come. Thank you Vanessa and everyone else at The Golden Nib. My Fuller handle resto is in the Brush restoration forum and I can't wait to make my first lather with it! :D
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    I have placed an order for a Finest XH knot... it took only 5 days to arrive to Portugal! Excellent!

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