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Thread: Maker of Rooney?

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    For soldier can go for the military inspired Simpsons Colonel X2L.
    The brush is value for money too.

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    Don't forget Vie-Long (Made in Spain), Rudy Vey (USA), and Semogue (Portugal).

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockviper View Post
    Discount codes can be found here.
    Thank you!
    Tondeo ergo sum. -BOBN-

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeftyT View Post
    Rudy Vey (USA)
    And a B&B member.

    #18/100 2012 B&B LE "Keyhole" arrived today
    - Rich
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    Yup. My next "real" purchase will most likely be a brush by Rudy. I love his work, and supporting anreally friendly guy who is a member here is a nice plus. :)

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    Hon I appreciate to military suggestion. Let me share a secret to all my CIVILIAN friends here. We, are a direct relection of society.
    Long boring story short. My beard, is like your!! Danka anyway, did loo at that.

    John Parker, a Naval aviiator. Are you USNA ( Annapolis graduate?) and flight from there.
    My understanding, 7 out of 10 go to flight , the other 3 go to medical school! Then the Corps.
    Or was it ROTC, then flight from there.Which I hear is the difficult route.

    I have a great deal of knowledge and love of USNA, know it very, very well.
    Have had many friends at all the places.

    OK gentlemen

    Nice day

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