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Thread: FOR SALE; Simpsons & Rooney Shaving Brushes

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    Default FOR SALE; Simpsons & Rooney Shaving Brushes


    What a sad day this is. For me, not you.

    For Sale here is three of the best brushes around. I am cutting back, and have made an attempt to reduce it to two brushes. This seems to be impossible, but with this sale, I will make it down to three. These are three phenomenal brushes, not a fault with any of them. Very difficult decision to sell.

    Pay Pal Only
    U.S. only.
    Shipping is included.
    I will consider Canadian shipping. It is more with insurance and priority mail to there, and that's the only way I'm shipping these brushes. So if you are in Canada, just PM me and we'll talk. Shipping cost will depend on which brush.

    All come with original packaging, priority mail.

    Follow the links below the photo's for specifics on the brushes.

    Rooney Jade Heritage Stubby 2xl SOLD
    Used less than ten times, purchased HERE less than a month ago, this brush defines backbone and density. Very soft tips, and a very comfortable face lathering brush with an absolutely beautiful handle that is better in person than in photo's. This one is killing me to let go of. Especially for the bargain price of $175.

    $175 Rooney Heritage Stubby 2XL Jade SOLD

    View more photo's HERE.

    One of the most under rated brushes out there in my opinion. This is the Truefitt & Hill version of the Rooney 3/2 in Imitation Horn. This is a very soft brush, softer even than the heritage. If you want scritchy, this aint it. If you want soft, this is for you. Suprisingly dense with excellent flow, this has been my go to favorite brush for the past 8 months or so. Bargain priced, this is an excellent value on an excellent brush.

    $75 T&H Medium Style 3 Horn SOLD

    View more photo's HERE.

    Simpsons Commodore X3 Best
    This brush is a work horse, it was my favorite in the Simpson line, above the Duke and Chubby, that is until I got a PJ3 in Super. This brush has everything that makes Simpsons so popular, without the extra cost. I recommend this brush anytime someone wants a good brush at an affordable price. It is the king of the budget brushes. This one is used less than ten times.
    SOLD $65 Simpsons Commodore X3 Best SOLD

    View more photo's HERE.

    Please buy now before I change my mind.
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