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    Default yankeefan7847's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame Entry
    What is your real name?
    What are your nicknames/aliases?
    Where do you live?
    Oregon, great northwest!
    What is your age (or) generation?
    What are you in the real world?
    Research Assistant / Full time undergraduate
    What is your favorite shave setup?
    Merkur 34C (Wilkinson Sword)
    Baxter of California Silver Tip Badger Brush
    AOS Pre-Shave Oil (I've got a VERY sensitive face)
    TOBS Rose Shave Cream
    GFT Coral Skin Food
    What are your hobbies and favorite activities?
    Golf (Scratch golfer)
    Research! I'm a Cognitive Neuroscience major and I am constantly working/enjoying doing research for my Honors Thesis.
    What else should the members of B&B know about you?
    I love suggestions especially on my set-up. I am new to DE shaving. I switched from a 5 blade to a single blade because I have an extremely sensitive face. I am razor-burn prone, so I would like to find a way to shave every other day without getting hurt/itching like crazy. Tell away!

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    Welcome to the HOF Kyle !!
    Steward for Safety Razor Forum

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    Welcome to the HoF, Kyle.
    Jim P. - Chandler, Arizona

    ackvil (at)
    Arizona Retro Shave Enthusiast.
    Any questions? Just ask! Since I may not read all of the posts feel free to PM or Email me.

    "Winning is like shaving - do it every day or you wind up looking like a bum."
    Jack Kemp

    Be a gentleman at all times. Shine your shoes, shave every day, be considerate of others, and don't chew with your mouth open. Words of advice from my late mother.

    Check Out the B&B YouTube Channel and the B&B Video Library for some great information.

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    Welcome, Kyle!
    Have a question or problem? PM a Moderator.

    Make a donation or become a Contributor to B&B here

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    Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Kyle!

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    Welcome Kyle,

    Like you my reasons are the same for wet shaving.

    Best advice? Prep (lots) Pressure (none) Products (minimize variation).

    In essence: don't vary your set-up, technique and light touch, beard prep.
    Paul aka Mad Man. M&F Chief Grouo Buy 2013. Former steward of the Newbie forum.

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