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Thread: Getting Doc Martens re-soled

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    Default Getting Doc Martens re-soled


    I own two pairs of Doc Martens (English made-not Asian) work boots, both of which are going to need to be re-soled soon. I wear these at work and find them extremely comfortable, particularly compared to other brands of work boots I've tried. I'm looking to get these re-soled, with soles just like they had when they were new. The shoe repair guy in town that I've used in the past says he can't do it and the other two places I've tried says they can put new soles on-but not with the original type of sole.

    Rightly or wrongly, I attribute the comfort of these boots to the type of sole they have, so I'm looking to find someplace that does it via mail-order.

    Anyone have a 1st hand recommendation?

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    Unfortunately I don't know anyone in the USA but there are a few places here in the UK that do them so someone over there must, hopefully.

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    I had English-made Doc shoes resoled ages ago. The cobbler glued on a Vibram Gumlite sole, without removing the original sole (including the air pockets.) The resoled shoe was every bit as comfortable as before.
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    I'd love to know too.
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    Finding a real cobbler is about as hard as finding a barber who'll do a wet shave, at least where I live. There was an old black fellow named Logan who did several pairs for me in the past, but he died. He was still resoling shoes when he was 90! These days, most people wear shoes (and that includes me) that cost as much to resole as a new pair of shoes would cost. I only have two pairs of shoes that I would deem worth resoling. But I do have one pair, which I don't think I'd resole again, that I've had resoled twice.

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    There's a place in Glasgow which used to do it perfectly. Don;t know about now though and that doesn't help you Beerman!
    But it is possible. Perhaps DM themselves would do it if you returned them to the english factory? I'd email them

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    Can be done but to get moulded soles on Doc Ms will work out almost as much as a new pair

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    Why not contact DM directly? They have a new line of shoes that you can get resoled free for life (!) so I am sure they can resole yours at a reasonable price.

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