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Thread: bent teeth on an open comb razor....cosmetic issue only?

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    Default bent teeth on an open comb razor....cosmetic issue only?

    I see a lot of talk on the forums about bent teeth in OC razors. My question in this: are bent teeth a big deal? From the standpoint of utility of the razor, would a few bent teeth really make a razor worthless? Do people want to straighten them just to make the razor look better, or is there some functional reason why you'd want all the teeth to be straight?

    thanks in advance.
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    For the most part, yes, it's a cosmetic issue. On rare occasion, the combs can be bent inwards or outwards negatively affecting the comfort of the shave. Most members advise against fixing it yourself. Even some the repair pro's on this sight have somewhat of a low success rate with repairing combs.
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    If they're only bent side-to-side it's not a big deal from a purely utilitarian standpoint. If they're bent up or down, towards or away from the blade edge, though, that's where you could start having trouble. The most common bends are on the corner teeth, usually from the razor taking a fall, and more often than not they're just bent in towards the tooth next to them -- not a big deal at all.
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