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Thread: Chinese Artisanal work at it's best.

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    Great work you should stock up, might start a new life as an art importer.

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    PMs sent.
    I commend you for your last post Massdriver.

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    Personally, if not for Steve's post, I would not have known that this type of art even existed. I am aware that art exists...I am aware that embroidery exists...was I aware the embroidery was done at this type of level? No.

    Does this make me a self-centered westerner only concerned with those things that are comfortably within my little world? No.

    Does this prove that, unlike my wife, I do NOT in fact know everything about everything? Yes.

    So again, Steve, thanks!
    T.J. -
    I tried a MMOC once. I've sinced switched to straight razor shaving because it was less dangerous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MASSDRIVER View Post
    Know what? I made a mistake here and made some dumb assumptions. So I apologize to all concerned, especially Scottish Steve for crapping in his thread. I'm not going to delete anything, just let it stand.
    Let this be a lesson to those that step out of their lane.
    Football cleats, stomping, my Johnson.
    Brent Jackson.
    Apologies seem to be very rare these days, and that's one of the best I've seen. Thanks.

    So, with no further ado, let us get back to the matter at hand, i.e., how is it possible that Steve was with two girls?

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