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Thread: Are buyers not allowed to post in Hobbyist forum?

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    Default Are buyers not allowed to post in Hobbyist forum?

    I sent a PM to the seller, but usually like to reply in the thread in case the PM is overlooked or there is a glitch. I can't.

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    See this post stickied at the top of the Hobbyist Forum ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Welcome to the Hobbyists classifieds forum!

    In this forum you will find the members who dabble in making goods, purchasing and restoring razors or perhaps making small batches of soap. This forum will also be the place to find non-stocked items from our Vendors. If you would like to advertise your wares in this forum, please go to this link and purchase a Hobbyist subscription. Have your own online storefront or a business with lots of sales volume? A vendor subscription may be a better fit for you, but the choice is yours to make -- contact a friendly moderator for details on full vendor subscriptions.

    Not unlike the classified ads in your local newspaper, to respond to a thread in this forum you'll need to get in touch with the hobbyist or vendor directly, most commonly via private message.

    Thank you!
    So yes, the idea is to keep non-hobbyists from posting in the forum, so that the posts are concentrated to promoting the sellers' wares.
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