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Thread: wife having difficulty with pregnancy

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    Default wife having difficulty with pregnancy

    As some of you may already know, I made a post about 6+ months ago about my wife being pregnant, unfortunately, she miscarried after 16 weeks and we lost our baby. After going through this experience my wife then found out she was at risk of cervical cancer and had to have a procedure done. After much difficulty we kept at it and tried to stay positive. Last week my wife found out she was about 5 weeks pregnant but miscarried again. She met with her doctor and she said that her egg is having difficulty implanting on the uterus. I know that itís fairly common for women to go through several miscarriages but Iím wondering if itís part of a bigger problem.

    My question is, considering what my wife has been through do any of you know if there is a procedure that can be done that could artificially attach the egg to her uterus and thereby increase the likelihood of a successful pregnancy? My wife is going back to the doctor to have a test done but I want to know what my options are outside of going through a surrogate.

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    My former business partner went through this. He and his wife met with a fertility specialist. His wife was considered a high risk pregnancy and they now have 2 beautiful children.

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    It is very unfortunate the pain your wife has gone through. This is why mothers are so respected in all cultures and were worshiped in several previous civilizations. I find it very odd that the doctors haven't pin-pointed the reason yet for this recurring abnormality. I have 2 friends who went through similar experience. One couple were able to successfully conceive and had a healthy delivery after trying for more than 16 years, they now have 4 kids. The other friend is a lot younger, this couple had been unsuccessful for about 9 years and had 2 miscarriages but the doctors had put them on some advanced fertility treatment, but their marriage didn't survive through that and they divorced issue-less. Now I know this 3rd couple whose predicament most closely mirrors yours. The wife's health was such she couldn't sustain a pregnancy and didn't want to adopt, the husband didn't want a surrogate so in the end, they made peace with their difficult situation.

    Since you asked, in lieu of any concrete solution, you should perhaps choose the route safest for your wife's health.
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    Sorry for all your troubles. Check your PM.
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    Its a hard situation and I wish I had some advice for you. I had friends in a similar situation and know that one it is resolved it makes it that much better.

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    I've got no advice, but you have my prayers.
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