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    Hi everyone, I just shaved off my 10+year old goatee with my Merkur Vision and cut myself 4 times, blood everywhere, and embarrassing wherever I went. I have loved my Vision for 5+years but cannot shave my chin with it-too big. I bought a Feather all stainless steel razor, because of the reviews, It is a beautiful razor and impeccably made, but I can not get a smooth BBS shave with it. I only use Feather Blades and am not new at DE shaving. I don't know what I am doing wrong or maybe i chose the wrong razor for me. I considered a Truefitt and Hill just because I like the way it looks, It had a Merkur head, I asked and they actually replied.

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    The Feather stainless is a very mild razor, comparable to the old Gillette Tech razor as far as mild. As with any mild razor you will need to make multiple passes and do some clean up in areas that are rough spots. I need 4 passes with a 5th clean up when using my Feather. I can get BBS shaves but it takes a little more effort than something more aggressive. Stick with the Feather for at least 3-4 weeks straight before you decide if you like it or not.

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    Thanks, it is frustrating not to get a good shave, and my shaving ritual in very important to my life-strange perhaps but true. The shaving angle is escaping me.

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