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Thread: Sephora at J.C. Penny - Lab Series Shave Cream

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    Default Sephora at J.C. Penny - Lab Series Shave Cream

    I happened into Sephora at JC Pennys the other day and discovered that Lab Series Shave Cream and it's accompanying products will not be carried by them anymore. It is Lab Series for Men the 8 ounce tub size that normally sells for $24.00 now 50% off and selling for $7.00 a piece.

    Here is the location of the Sephora that had it on sale. Perhaps they can ship it of you are outside Texas and give your information over the phone.


    3165 Interstate 45 North
    Conroe, TX 77304
    Phone: 936-756-7567

    Here is the link to the product information:


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    Check out the reviews on Lab's own website
    - Pat -

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    Ouch. Product A was great then a new Manager came in reformulated the new product with inferior ingredients or eliminated them altogether to show that HE was able to cut costs and thus make it look more profitable on paper. One problem. Nobody will buy it now that's it's garbage. Department stores are discontinuing it and the death spiral starts. That book Gourmet shaving touched on this very topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5savages View Post
    Check out the reviews on Lab's own website

    Nice catch 5.
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