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Thread: What did I find? One for Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbradley View Post
    I found it in Aberdeen Dan. The lady there said she picks DE razors up pretty regularly.
    you should go there more often.

    Quote Originally Posted by Snargle View Post
    That paragraph has a heading "A Vacation Necessity" and then says "it makes you independent of the country barber."

    They're pushing this as a travel razor. Back then, a lot of men didn't shave themselves, but were shaved by their local barber a few times a week. Since men on vacation would be away from their regular barber, this razor frees them of the need to find a "country barber" to take care of their grooming needs.
    nice explanation.

    and Thanks Porter for your insight and great Ads. love it!!

    scenes in movies and TV shows

    How to-Help videos for straight razor/DE shaving, how to post/insert pics, edit posts, start threads, hear B&B Radio/podcast fun interviews.

    "I can't hardly wait for tomorrow to come so I can shave again!"

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    I would love to find one of these! Nice Gems guys!!!

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