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Thread: Darwin Deluxe DE set

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERVARGASNY View Post
    I want one
    hey , i knew Jake 1st, so if he sells it i have dibs......
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    Congratulations! Your Darwin looks like a beauty. There's a post on this Board someplace that sets out the date of manufacture based on the patent.

    The Darwin is completely unique. I have a Standard which I understand shaves just like a Deluxe, and mine is a close and rather aggressive shaver. A great razor that provides a great shave.

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    Awesome est Jake!
    I got a Darwin Standard, these are great razors but not for someone looking for a mild shave IMHO.
    For me they are very efficient and give a close shave. You can really feel the blade gliding across your skin, almost like a 2011 R41, so make sure your lather is any good.
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    Nice one Jake. Glad you finally got one.

    I agree with Marcel and Haiku, my Darwin Deluxe is not mild! It's actually the most efficient razor I own...DE or SE. It will take more off in one pass than even my Streamline or OCMM. It is definitely a unique shave unlike anything I have ever experienced. Very smooth. I have not tried the 2011 R41 so I cannot comment but this razor will never leave my stable. And being cobalt steel, it looks as beautiful today as it did in 1930! And it's a 3 piece so no problems with mechanisms getting gunked up or out of whack. It is hands down my favorite DE and quite possibly my favorite razor period. I know they are very hard to get being so rare and expensive but if you have the means, get one.

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    Wow those pics a nice. I'm always on the lookout for unique razors at antique stores or fairs but haven't seen a one. Very interesting razor there Jake. Thanks for the wonderful pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alex2363 View Post
    hey , i knew Jake 1st, so if he sells it i have dibs......
    Why you Little Wiesel You
    Im just having fun :o)

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    Congratulations Jake! Great score and beautiful pictures.

    I believe the Darwin Deluxe is one of the most uniquely beautiful and well designed DE razors ever made. It's solid cobalt steel construction moves it to a class all it's own.
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