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Thread: Best Vintage Gillette DE razor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by retturn2blades View Post
    I feel my addictive shadow coming online...I want too many razors already. What have I done? No turning back...forward, ever forward.
    It is addictive and there is no turning back! Embrace the shave and the ADs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by retturn2blades View Post
    I feel my addictive shadow coming online...I want too many razors already. What have I done? No turning back...forward, ever forward.
    Ahh the siren's call of RAD, I feel it from time to time, but the cure for Razor Acquisition Disorder is to find the ONE razor that works best for you and then sell or PIF all the "extras" you picked up along the way... something I have yet to do :P My first recommendation would be to skip the cool vintage razors for now and go straight to a current Merkur, Muhle or Edwin Jagger three piece to kick things off. I like the shave I get from my Muhle R89 and Merkur 25c/11c better than the results from my vintage razors (a regular flair, red tip, slim adj. and an OC very similar to the Gillette Old type), plus the modern razors are all chrome plated as opposed to nickel like the many vintage "white" Gillettes, chrome is probably the most durable plating when done well, with rhodium coming a close second. The Merkur and EJ are both cheaper than a Muhle, at least if you are buying from a US vendor.

    Sadly I have given in to my own RAD and am waiting on a Merkur 37c "slant bar", maybe this will be "the ONE" for me ;)

    a big +1 on the blade sampler suggestion, this is a hardware category where *everyone's* mileage varies!

    ...and make sure to toss the canned goo, a DE razor with the right blade is only half the story, IMO a brush and real shaving soap are mandatory for great shaves.
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    Welcome to B&B.

    If you are set on a non-nickel adjustable TTO then and uncased Executive or Aristocrat would cover those specs and are not that hard to come by as others have said.

    But to get the most bang for your buck, you may wish to explore the Milord razor. I gives most or at least many who try one a great shave.

    Any of these three are easy to resell if someday you find your dream razor to be a different flavor.

    Enjoy the journey.
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    The other gold adjustable that comes to mind is a Merkur Progress. They can be found used on ebay or new from online or local retailers.
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    Welcome to B&B.

    IMHO gillette NEW. Also slim/super adjustables are good.. There are more experienced members here who can say more..

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    Well if you don't want nickel;

    1. Any gold finish New
    2. Black handle superspeed.
    3. How about a vintage Gillette re-plated in rhodium or gold?
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    Quote Originally Posted by retturn2blades View Post
    Yes, and the condition and prices are all over the place. I spent some time searching on EBAY and other online sources for Gillettes and I came away fairly certain I won't be buying there. My luck with Ebay is stretchy.
    My "luck" with eBay has been very good thus far. I think a great deal depends on knowing what to look for. My only dud so far was one Micromatic OC where the blade stop was damaged; and I knew the risk I was taking and bid accordingly. Please feel free to PM me with anything of interest you spot on eBay and I'll happily let you know what I see and how much I'd bid. And also the characteristics of that particular razor. Despite its odd characteristics and pitfalls, eBay offers more choices than you'll find anywhere else.

    Welcome to this wonderful forum, and I'm happy & willing to help get you started.

    - Bill
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