Hey gents. I saw this article on msnbc today and it sort of made me feel a bit smarter for pulling the plug on DishNetwork a couple of years ago. Now mind, this is not really a rant but more an affirmation of where I suspected things were heading. I have no reason to doubt the numbers they speak of in the article but I do think the shift to DVOD(digital video on demand as I call it) will be ushered in much sooner than later. I like the line in the article that says the current pay tv model with only change very slowly. Gee, where have I heard this before? AT&T with their monopoly pre 1983? RIAA mid 90's? Now the MPAA and certainly the cable/sat providers. They will make every attempt to assure us there will be dire consequences if we stray from their price and service model. I have to laugh at this stuff. It is the same mentality which originally prevailed about mobile phone service. It would never appeal to more than the professional services like lawyers and doctors. The plebes would never need it. I am sure we are not geeky enough to understand that streaming Netflix or Hulu Plus for $8 a month is a bad thing for us.

Cheers, Todd