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    Barber Hones
    Barber Hones come in all shapes, sizes, grits, types, materials etc and are quite difficult to grade as a whole, as there are hundreds of brands, types etc. They are typically quite inexpensive, small (in size) and can be fun/interesting to use. They are typically thin/light as well, and good ones work exceptionally well at keeping a keen shave worthy edge, keen, and shave ready by merely making 2-3 passes across the hone every week or two. Simple, easy and painless to keep your razor keen. Since there are so many out there (some good, some horrible) I’ll leave it at that!

    1.) Inexpensive and the good ones, work quite well.
    2.) Fun and easy to use.

    Size comparison of a barber hone next to the Norton 4K/8K...

    1.) Can be in bad/poor condition – or worse yet, can be too coarse to work well. (Somewhat of a shot in the dark whether you’ll get a good one or bad)
    2.) Very small, some can be tricky to use.

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    please give me good brand names of barber stone.. and where to buy


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    Barber hones are almost all antiques. You can post a WTB in the B/S/T or hunt for them on Ebay. If you get one off the B/S/T you're more likely to get a good one that doesn't need maintenance. Usually for somewhere in the $50-60 range.

    Good luck!

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    Good names include Carborundum, Swaty, Itsapeech, Apart, pike, and many others.

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