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    There are many types of tips/points out there, and most of them boil down to what you find ascetically pleasing. Here are examples of the most common tips/points.

    Spike – A spike point has a square like point at the end of the razor, which can be quite helpful for very fine/detailed work, and selecting individual hairs to pop off, but it can also be a nightmare if you aren’t paying attention. Spike points are the most likely to cut your face, as many new straight razor shavers, or for that matter – advanced straight razor shavers (who aren’t paying attention, or are tired, etc) as one mistake and the tip just slides right into your cheek… trust me, it isn’t pleasant. On most vintage “spike point” razors, the spike has actually been removed (via rubbing the spike point on a razor hone) by the original owner and for good cause, as they can be tricky. Like all things, they do have their purpose, and many gents are quite fond of spikes. I have quite a few spike’s myself – but if I typically prefer the ascetics of other tip/point styles.

    Round – The reason these exist is due to many straight razors troubles with the spike, and round, or rounded pointed/tipped razors are quite common. Round pointed/tipped razors are VERY user friendly to use, and are highly recommended to the beginner.
    Rounded Tip....

    Spanish Point – The Spanish point razor has somewhat of a rounded “tip” yet the end of the blade is ground to form a neat/interesting look to the razor.
    4 pictures of razors with Spanish Points....

    Barbers Notch – The barbers notch also has a bit of a rounded point, however a “notch” is taken out of the front of the blade for maneuverability in hard to reach areas, such as the nostril or ear. By and large for most users however, they will be selected for appearance.
    Barbers Notch....

    French Point – The French point juts out of the front of the blade, in either a straight/triangular fashion, or in a smooth domed fashion. The French point allows the greatest precision around beards, moustaches, etc – as it “juts out” in front of the razor, and ends at a tip, which allows very precise cutting at the tip, and you can easily see around it, and keep track of the tip. French points (when especially elongated) can be more difficult to hone/strop as there is no spine above the front of the razor, so it can sometimes be difficult to keep the tip of an especially elongated French point properly stropped/honed, however for most French points/tips this should not be a major issue.
    A very lovely razor of mine, in French Point....

    "Ooblong" point or oblique...

    PROCEED TO THE NEXT SECTION OF THE GUIDE - Section 5 - 5, Carbon VS Stainless Steel...

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    Default Razors in Pics?

    First off, I would like to say that your tutorial has been extremely helpful and informative. However, I still have a question that I was hoping you could answer. What are the makes and models of the razors featured in the pictures? Some of them are absolutely gorgeous and I'm curious to find out who makes them.

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