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Thread: A handgun, shotgun, rifle that you have owned the longest......

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    Quote Originally Posted by wksimple View Post
    If there is a family connection, it's a 'keeper'. I have bought and sold literally hundreds of guns over the past 40 years, but anything that was Dad's is still with me and will someday go to my sons and daughters. It's what keeps us connected, like having the opportunity to shave with my Dad's '64 Superspeed every morning.
    Truer words were never spoken. A half dozen or so of those guns I gave to my sons were in my family for years. For example one shotgun was an old A.H. Fox that belonged to my Grandfather.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smalltank View Post
    I was watching "Sons of Guns"..they had a show on these..but I think it was more about the Japanese ones..3 of em
    I think I caught part of that episode whilst flipping through the channels, were they Nambus? Neat little things in their own right and they do resemble a Luger. I've been building a very small collection of WWI era firearms. I have a Webley VI from 1918 (with a 1916 Mk VI on its way) and two Lugers (though one is 1921, so Weimar rather than WWI).

    That Colt 357 is neat but the story behind it is even neater, reminds me of the times when my father (still-living) used to go to the range together but we're both, sadly, too busy to go much these days (and we live in different states).

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